Poly Tarpaulins And Their Many Uses

Poly tarpaulins are made from a multi-mesh fabric that is coated with polyethylene sheets and comes in a variety of mil and mesh counts. They come in a choice of sizes and are used for many difference purposes. They are waterproof and rot resistant making them a handy item to have around.

The thickness of the tarp is what is referred to as mils. A mil is equal to . 001 or 1/1000 of an inch. The larger the number the thicker the tarp. Most tarps are 6 mils but they can come in as many as 12 to 23 mils thick if using for a canopy. Mesh count is the number of threads per inch. A 10 by 10 mesh count would have 10 threads per inch in both directions.

Sold in either precut sizes or by the roll the poly tarpaulin will come with either brass, aluminum or metal grommets. These are used to attach the tarp to a whatever it is that you are covering. The spacing can vary from 18 to 36 inches. The shorter spacing will add strength and minimize movement and tearing.

On each corner of the tarp is a reinforcing triangular plastic cover to prevent the grommets from tearing through the fabric. Corners are more prone to tension especially in high winds. A rope is sewn into the hem of the tarp to add further strength.

Used in a variety of ways the poly tarpaulin is used to cover roofs in remodels or when a leak is discovered. They are great in hurricane weather conditions to protect structures and belongings. They make great canopies to provide shelter or shade. Many different types of materials are covered with them like hay, lumber and gym floors.

Commonly treated to provide UV protection from the sun, they resist mildew and rot. They perform well in freezing temperature conditions. The silver or grey color tarps contain an additional sun blocking layer. These colors also provide total shade and protection from the elements.

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Michael Stein is the President of Tarps Plushttp://www.tarpsplus.com Tarps Plus has been distributing tarps since 1954.
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