Employment Report: Electrical Contractors

First, a note: Figures for Electrical Contractor industry employment are one month behind the all-U.S. employment report (the report out 7/3 was for June, the numbers for the EC industry below — and for electrical distribution, in the item that follows — are for MAY).

Second, these numbers are for PRODUCTION EMPLOYEES — the people in the field: foremen, journeymen, apprentices, helpers, etc.

The graph below presents a 15-year historical span. Interesting, eh? A lot of bumps in the road.

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 6.39.38 AM

On the recently released data:

May employment (2014) was 586,400 — up all of 100 people from April 2014. Call it FLAT.

May 2014 was up 3,300 bodies fro May 2013 — or 0.57%.

The best may in recent history for the EC industry (probably the best month-of-May number EVER in this sector) came in 2001 — with 769,700 employed in the field.

BOTTOM LINE: We’ve NOT come a long way, baby . . .

Source: http://electricalcontractor.com/?p=14743

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